Kerry M. Fillatre's funeral home came into being in 1978 as the product of the hard work and effort of Levinia and Kerry Fillatre. Initially, they met with some resistance, but as the value and quality of the work that Levinia and Kerry provided quickly became apparent, acceptance grew. just as things seemed to be normalizing, the funeral home was ruined by a fire which destroyed the building they had worked so hard to build their business around. 
Determined to carry on, Kerry, Levinia, and her family, endeavored to rebuild the funeral home. They relocated to a new location on the west side of St. Anthony, where it still remains. Unfortunately, tragedy would strike again with the sudden death of Kerry in 1986.  Left with two young children and a burgeoning business, Levinia faced many struggles. But with the help of her dedicated  friends, family and employee the funeral home went to to earn place in the communities up and down the peninsula.  

In 19?? the funeral home expanded to fill the needs of the communities they served by opening a second location in Roddickton. As the funeral home looks forward to the future, we will continue to build a funeral service industry on the peninsula that suits the unique needs and traditions that make this area of Newfoundland and Labrador so special.